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Junior Oral Hygiene Care - Age 6 to 12 Years

Begin transferring responsibility for brushing and flossing to your child with parental supervision. It is important to note that until a child is able to brush and floss effectively on their own, you are responsible for their daily oral hygiene. Most children’s coordination becomes adequate for brushing and flossing between the ages of 8 and 10, some even later.

Children should brush with toothbrushes and techniques recommended by their dentist. It is also important to change their toothbrush every 3 to 4 months when the bristles wear down. If unsure, there are also toothbrushes made with indicators to guide you as to when to change your brush.

The main cause of decay is not the total amount of sugar in your child's diet, but how often the teeth are exposed to sugar throughout the day. It may be difficult to cut out sugary foods totally, so try and have them only immediately after a meal. This is when the amount of saliva increases, and will reduce the effect of acid-producing bacteria. Encourage your child to snack on foods such as savoury sandwiches, cheese and fresh fruit instead of biscuits, potato chips and candies. Fizzy and sugary drinks can also cause tooth decay, so it would be ideal to restrict them to mealtimes if your child must have them.

Keep to the 6 monthly regular dental check-up and thorough cleaning with the dentist. The dentist will advise sealants for permanent molars. Tooth strengthening fluoride is utilized and is regulated to the optimum level for your child.

At this age, an orthodontic assessment will be done to intercept possible developing orthodontic problems. When warranted, a consultation with the orthodontist may be recommended. Early intervention can prevent a more serious orthodontic problem from arising.