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Preventing dental disease

With a combined program of good home care and regular preventive dental check-ups, decay and gum disease in your child can be controlled.

We highly recommend the use of Fissure Sealants and Flouride Treatment for preventive dental care and to prolong the life of your natural teeth.

Sealants are composite (plastic) materials that helps 'seal' out decay-causing bacteria from the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Such surfaces naturally have grooves and pits which can be difficult, if not impossible to clean well. Food and bacteria will then accumulate, making these teeth prone to decay. Sealants bond to the tooth surface in a procedure that is quick and painless, effectively flowing into these crevices and keeping out bacteria. The risk of decay is then reduced in these susceptible areas

It is best to apply sealants to the permanent molars as soon as they appear in a child's mouth - generally about the ages of six and eleven years of age. Often, permanent premolars and primary molars will also benefit from such treatment.

Topical fluoride is used in the clinic to prevent or reduce dental decay on all surfaces of all teeth. It is absorbed by the teeth most effectively and is retained in tooth enamel. Combined with a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene, fluoride treatment benefits children and adults at risk of decay.

Fluoride gels or foams are dispensed onto flexible trays which are placed onto a patient's teeth for one to four minutes. Varnishes are 'painted' (applied) onto enamel surfaces and are especially useful when fluoride trays are not well tolerated.