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Night guards are custom-fabricated for individuals suspected of being night-time bruxers and experiencing symptoms associated with teeth grinding during sleep. As it is difficult or impossible to completely stop night-time bruxism, a night guard serves as a valuable tool in minimising the damage caused by this condition.

What Is A Night Guard For?

  • Minimise the detrimental effects of clenching and grinding. By wearing the custom-fabricated guard overnight, it shields the teeth from excessive forces, preventing wear, chips, and reducing the risk of cracks or fractures. 
  • Protects existing dental work in your mouth, prolonging the longevity. 
  • A properly designed mouthguard can also alleviate strain on the jaw muscles and joints. By promoting a more relaxed jaw position, it effectively reduces jaw pain, headaches, and enhances overall comfort during sleep.

What Is The Difference Between A Mouth Guard For Sports And A Night Guard For Sleeping?

Although both a sports mouthguard and a night guard aim to protect the teeth, they are designed differently due to their distinct purposes. A sports mouthguard is specifically created to absorb and cushion external impacts experienced during contact sports. On the other hand, a night guard is crafted to cushion the forces generated by clenching or grinding during sleep.

Night guards are typically custom-fitted for optimal comfort and are significantly less bulky than sports mouthguards. This ensures a more comfortable experience while wearing them during sleep. Overall, they are constructed differently to serve different functions, and should not be used interchangeably.

What Is The Procedure Involved In Getting A Personalised Mouthguard In Singapore?

If the dentist decides that you will benefit from a night guard, a mould of your teeth and recording your bite will be done, which will then be sent to a dental lab for fabrication of a custom mouthguard in Singapore.

At the next appointment, a try-in of the night guard will be done, ensuring proper fit and bite contact, with adjustments made if needed. Once finalised, the dentist will issue the mouthguard to you along with instructions for use and care. Bringing the night guard to review appointments allows for any necessary adjustments to be made.

How Should I Take Care Of My Night Guard

  • Rinse: Before wearing your mouthguard at bedtime, rinse it with clean, cold water.
  • Brush: After waking up, remove the night guard and gently rinse and brush its surfaces using a soft toothbrush without toothpaste.
  • Store: When not in use, store the night guard in a dry container away from sunlight or excessive heat. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is best to use clean, cold water for rinsing your night guard. Hot water can deform the night guard and affect its fit.

No, it is not recommended to share your night guard with others. Night guards are customised to fit an individual’s teeth and sharing can lead to hygiene and fit issues. A stock mouthguard is generally too bulky and uncomfortable, affecting sleep quality.

The lifespan of a night guard can vary depending on factors such as the material used and the severity of bruxism. On average, a night guard can last between 1 to 5 years with proper care.

You should bring in your nightguard during your regular dental check-up visit. If your night guard becomes damaged, such as developing cracks or holes, or if it becomes uncomfortable to wear, it is best to consult your dentist. They can assess the condition and recommend repair or replacement if necessary.


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