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Atria-City Dental Group is a multi-disciplinary dental group practice established in 1994.
Living up to our name (“Atria” meaning heart in Latin), we care for our patients from our hearts, treating them as we would our loved ones.
Our practice is also located in the “City” (at the very heart of Singapore’s busy Orchard Road).

With close to 30 years of experience, we offer a wide range of dental services tailored to the needs of both the young and old.
Our team has remained dedicated to providing high-quality general and specialist dental care in a safe and comfortable environment.
As a family-oriented dental practice, our patient base has grown over the years through the recommendation of our satisfied patients locally and overseas.

We are conveniently located at the medical floor (Level 8), Ngee Ann City Tower B, Orchard Road.

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We constantly keep up with the leading edge of emerging dental technologies and treatment modalities and offer them as part of our highest standard of care to our patients.

1) Imaging Solution

We are equipped with the latest digital high resolution imaging solutions that represent the gold standard when it comes to diagnosis and treatment planning.
These include the use of fast-speed low-dose digital x-ray radiographs that adhere to the latest radiation health and safety guidelines, as well as dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for three dimensional (3D) scans that provide crucial information in the case of complex procedures.
Intraoral cameras and 3D scanners are also used for high accuracy 2D and 3D imaging of teeth, which assist in visualisation of potential issues, as well as facilitate digital treatment planning in virtual CAD/CAM environments.

2) Sterilisation and Infection Control

We place a strong emphasis on hygiene standards and infection control procedure.
We are equipped with the Sirona Hygiene Centre and the latest autoclave units to heat sterilise all dental instruments used during procedures and surgeries.
Items that are not heat sterilised are disposed of and replaced.
We constantly improve our infection control standards by attending frequent upgrading courses and holding regular staff meetings so as to ensure the highest standard of safety and protection for our patients.

In addition, the following infection control standards are practised :

  • Dental chairs, x-ray units and light handles are protected with disposable plastic wraps
  • The dental units are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each patient with the latest disinfecting solution from Sirona, Germany which is effective in eradicating microorganisms including viruses and bacteria
  • Autoclaving of all dental handpieces and utilising safety techniques to prevent cross- contamination
  • Sterilisation of all instruments placed intra-orally in an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner. After which, they are packed into sterilised pouches for use
  • Donning of personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, isolation gowns, and protective eyewear during examination and treatment
  • All patients have to use a disinfecting mouth gargle for 30 secs before commencement of any dental exam or procedure
  • Utilisation of disposable items whenever possible to prevent cross-contamination

Our Commitment and Core Values

“We treat people not teeth!”

At Atria-City Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing dental care in a personalised and patient-focussed manner.

Integrity above all else

To us, dentistry is only good if it is done honestly, transparently and with patients’ full understanding and consent.


We welcome patients of all backgrounds and value all members of our dental team.


Your feelings and concerns matter greatly to us and we aim to make you feel heard and understood.


Whether you last visited the dentist yesterday or 50 years ago, we empathise. We are here to help you to achieve better oral health no matter your starting point.

Providing Care of the Highest Standards

We are committed to lifelong learning and constantly strive to provide modern dentistry in a clean, safe and welcoming environment.


Welcome to Atria-City!