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We strive to provide a pleasant experience from the moment you reach out to our clinic. We care about your experience with us. Our dental team provides holistic dental care for young children and adults.

What to expect during your first appointment?

After your contact with our clinic, our friendly staff will arrange an appointment for you according to your preferred time, subject to availability but we will try our best to accommodate your timing. Once the appointment is confirmed, we will send you the required information and the location of our clinic showing direction on how to get here.


You will be greeted by our receptionist when you arrive at our clinic. We will then verify your identity. We are required to collect some information from you and verify your insurance, if applicable.

Please remember to bring along the following documents:

  • Identity Card / Birth Certificate / Passport / Work Permit
  • A list of medications you are currently taking and indication of any allergies to food or medication
  • CHAS / PG cards or Personal or Dental Insurance cards (if applicable)
  • Latest dental records (X-rays / photographs / CT scan) if available

What to expect during the consultation session?

We strongly believe in the importance of detailed examination to address your concern or desire. We take pride in examining and explaining your dental condition to ease any of your  potential doubts. We allocate ample time for the dental appointment to listen to your concerns and expectations.

We examine tooth by tooth in detail. We also have clinical cameras and intra-oral cameras to record the details of your teeth to help in monitoring and explaining to you as we know a photo speaks a thousand words.

If required, the dentist will take X-rays of your teeth to ensure that there are no hidden problems. After the examination, our dentist will advise and explain the findings with you. You will also be part of the discussion on treatment options, cost, and duration required in consideration of your desire and priorities.

We will answer all your queries and doubts during the session. If you have any queries after the session, you can also contact us for further information.

You will receive a written treatment plan reflecting the discussion. At Atria-City Dental Group, we want you to understand the diagnosis, treatment plan, cost and associated factors before we proceed with any treatment. 

We want you to have a pleasant dental visit with us from the moment you get in touch with us!


We are located at Orchard, Singapore and conveniently accessible by public transport.

Nearest MRT station:

Orchard (NS22/TE14) – 5mins indoor walk from the MRT station via Exit 3.

There are also an extensive number of public buses serving the Orchard area.

By car:

If you are driving, you can park at Level 6 carpark @ Tower B, Ngee Ann City and take the tower B lifts to level 8 and you will see our clinic when you get out of the lift.

What should I expect during my first appointment at Atria-City Dental Group?

During your first visit, our friendly staff will schedule an appointment for you, provide you with location details, and ensure you have the necessary documents. You will go through a registration process to verify your identity and insurance, if applicable.

Please bring your Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Work Permit, a list of your current medications, and information about any food or medication allergies. Also, remember to bring your CHAS/PG cards or Personal/Dental Insurance cards if applicable, as well as any existing dental records like X-rays, photographs, or CT scans.

After contacting our clinic, our staff will work to arrange an appointment at your preferred time, depending on availability. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Once your appointment is confirmed, we will provide you with the necessary information and directions to our clinic.


Welcome to Atria-City!